Meet Harvey

We rescue dogs like Harvey from almost certain death in a Romanian public shelter, and provide them with loving homes in the UK. But to do this we rely on your support, and we need it now more than ever before.

By playing our lottery for just £2 per week you will be helping us to give these animals the love and care they need. You will also be in with a chance of winning £10,000 each week.

Romanian Rescue Appeal

By playing our lottery you will help to bring dogs from deprivation on the streets of Romania, to living long, healthy lives in loving homes in the UK.

Run down and desperate, Isla arrived at our shelter in a condition that would make anybody weep. It is only with YOUR SUPPORT that we can help dogs like her.

Support us in less than a minute

No need to find your purse - all you need to play our lottery is your mobile number!

Your £2 per week entry will be added to your phone bill, or taken off your pay as you go credit. We will remind you each week before payment is taken and you can opt out at any time.

About our lottery

Playing our lottery is a fun and simple way to provide care to dogs who need it most.

Bea and her sisters were rescued from the street as puppies. Sadly her mother was nowhere to be found. With love and care, she has grown into a smiley young girl.

Stay in control with mobile payments

Enter quickly using just your mobile phone number. Once entered, we'll send a text message from 88000 to you each week. To stop playing, simply reply STOP, which we'll include in our text to you.

How can we give away cash prizes?

Prizes are paid by our lottery provider, so there is no risk of us being out of pocket!

What can I win?

Each entry is assigned a random 6-digit number. If you match 6 digits in the same position, you'll win £10,000. Match 5 in the same position for £1,000, 4 for £10 and 3 for 5 bonus entries.

If you win, we'll send a text to let you know - no need to check your numbers!

Carlotta was rescued from a public shelter, where her and her puppies were about to be killed. After receiving love and care at our centre she found a loving home in the UK.


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