Help them get the love they deserve

Here at Dogstar, we aim to feed and treat every animal we meet on the street. But with food costs rising, it's becoming increasingly challenging for us to help Sri Lanka’s street dogs and cats.

By playing the Dogstar Foundation lottery for just £2 per week, you can help provide the food, treatment and love these animals deserve. Plus, you’ll be in with a chance of winning up to an incredible £10,000.

Dogstar Foundation

By playing our lottery, you will help street dogs in Sri Lanka to access critical veterinary care.

Mango was riddled with mange and mites and covered in open sores when we first met her. But with a bit of love and some simple skin treatments, her whole life changed for the better.

Support us in less than a minute

No need to find your purse - all you need to play our lottery is your mobile number!

Your £2 per week entry can be added to your phone bill, or you can set up a standing order from your bank account.

About our lottery

Playing our lottery is a fun way to provide essential care to dogs who need it most.

Whilst visiting a Sri Lankan temple, our founder Sam came across four puppies with fleas. Just 20 minutes later, four wriggly puppies (including this one!) had received life-saving treatment.

Stay in control with simple payments

Enter quickly using just your mobile phone number. Once entered, we'll send a text message from 72700 to you. To stop playing, simply follow the link in the text message.

How can we give away cash prizes?

Prizes are paid by our lottery provider, so there is no risk of us being out of pocket!

What can I win?

In the Jackpot Draw, if you match 6 numbers in the same position, you’ll win £10,000. Match 2 or more numbers to win 5 additional entries into the next Bonus Draw.

In the Bonus Draw, tickets are selected at random. There is one £500 winner and 5 £100 winners every single week.

"By playing our lottery you’ll help provide vet care to street dogs who need it the most!"
- Sam Green, Founder


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